Continents of Ynor

Ynor consists of three mayor continents: Sabir, Nahan and The Isle of Ynor.

The Isle of Ynor is the center of the world. Nestled between the two much larger continents it is placed ideally for sea trade with the larger continents. The island is known for its mild climates and lush green fields. The island is surrounded by several large mountain chains, which almost forms a protective wall around the island making it easily defendable.

Sabir is the largest of the continents and home to many different climates as well as many different cultures. Sadly Sabir is war torn place, being home to both the dreaded Witch Queen Dinara and the warlike nation of Firarfold.

Nahan is a continent shrouded in mystery, but it wasn’t always so. The continent is home to only one true nation, the Gensanchi empire, a number of smaller city states and nomad “nations” exist on the island, but most are never mentioned. Once open to trade with the whole world, the continent of Nahan has been closed of by a strange magical fog known as the shi-rudo. Any one who travels through the fog end up in the exact same place every time the port city of Ijinkai, which is the only city in Gensanchi that is open to foreigners.

Continents of Ynor

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