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The Realm of Ynor

Ynor is an ancient realm, once ruled by the savage and cruel Primordials. All living things were slaves to the will of the Primordials, those who tried to stand up against them were brutally cut down. The races of Ynor were a broken people, whose life was nothing but despair, but then something happened. In the plane of the Astral Sea something happened, creatures were born out of the suffering and hardships of Ynor. They were the first gods, Actinopos and Melanora. The two gods, who normally would be enemies, unified to free the mortals of the realm from the oppression of the Primordials.

When the oppressed races of Ynor saw the new gods fight for them their faith in victory rose and more gods were born to aid in the war against the Primordials. For centuries the armies of the Primordials and the gods did battle and for centuries they were evenly match, but after at clever trap set by Melanora the war went into the favour of the gods. When the Primordials were on the brink of destruction Actinopos stopped the war and banished the Primordials to the elemental chaos.

After that a century of peace followed were all the civilized races lived together in peace and harmony, that time was known as the Age of Utopia. But over time things grew sour and a bloody civil war tore apart what has built, and the people of Ynor divided into lesser kingdoms and realms. All of a sudden the gods found that they could not work together as well as before, because suddenly realms chose one god in front of the rest to be their patron deity. This was known as the Age of Strife.

Since then the realms of Ynor have waged war on one and another, kingdoms have fallen and others have risen in their place. For many centuries now the world has been a divided place, in which mistrust has been born between the civilized races.

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