Organizations of Ynor

The Eight Swords
  • Nationality: Gensanchi
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Agenda: To protect the innocent and to protect the eight swords.

The Eight Swords is an order of sword saints (or Kensei), who protect eight magical swords. The order consists of eight Kensei who are chosen to wield the eight magical blades, and a number of lesser servants and samurai to serve the order.

The Eight Swords serve as peacekeepers and avengers of wrongs. They “serve” the innocent and downtrodden, who they defend with their swords and their wits. Depending on the individual Kensei some protect the innocent directly while others help the innocent to be able to protect themselves.

The Eight Swords operate out of Gensanchi, but they do travel the world in order to protect the innocent, no mater their race or their creed.

The Ministry of Silence
  • Nationality: Birnabul
  • Alignment: Unaligned
  • Agenda: To silence the practitioners of the dark arts and to destroy tomes and other scriptures containing reference to the dark arts.

The Ministry of Silence break from the rest of the clergy of Beltharion, in being very introvert characters who speak only little. The Ministry of Silence was formed after the fall of the Primordials to destroy any documents containing information on the Primordials. Since then their attention has turned to necromancy.

The Ministry of Silence employs both paladins and clerics, who fill many different positions in the Ministry. The most powerful arm of the Ministry of Silence are the Ministers themselves, each of which are schooled in armed combat.

Each member of the Ministry is also schooled in the dark arts in order to know who and what they hunt, this is also why the members of the Ministry are prone to silence.

Organizations of Ynor

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