Races of Ynor

Humans in Ynor are the most widespread and, generally speaking, the most civilised of the races (civilised meaning organised and corporative here). They are generally like the people of our world in medieval times, varying from nation to nation.

Elves in Ynor mostly organize themselves into family clans. They are known to be very culturally aware and they are almost always, in general, in the loop. The elves of Ynor divide themselves into Urban Elves and Wood Elves, though there are no physical differences.

Dwarves in Ynor live both above and below ground. Fiercely loyal to their families and homes they almost always become cornerstones in the communities of which they take part.

Halflings in Ynor live mostly amongst humans and dwarves, where they play the parts of mediators. A very social race that, even though their size, take up a lot of space.

Half-breeds in Ynor are looked on in many different ways by many different cultures. Half-Elves are generally considered positive examples of human and elf unity, whereas half-orcs are seen as impure and tainted by many nations (except in Firarfold where they are seen very much in the same way as half-elves are seen in the rest of the world).

Gnomes in Ynor are a relatively new race in the world having been lost, along with the Eladrin, in the feywild for many centuries. Gnomes are fascinated by the big cities, but at the same time they are very much afraid of what they mean. Gnomes are considered very strange by many because they still think as if they still were in the feywild.

Tieflings in Ynor are few and far between and almost universally evil. There is only one realm with a larger population of tieflings and that is the realm of Drakmar. Those few who live in the other realms find lives harsh and unforgiving, filled with hatred and scorn.

Orcs in Ynor are somewhat of an oddity. Like the elves the orcs divide themselves into categories to show their habitual preferences. Refering to themselves as: black-orcs and wild-orcs. Black-orcs are the orcs who prefer lives amongst the other civilised races, but they live mostly in the northern part of Sabir. Wild-orcs are the orcs that give the race a bad name, raiding and pillaging without regret and killing without mercy.

Races of Ynor

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