The Primordial Wars

The Primordial War is the first war ever to be recorded in writing, although giving no specific dates except that the year the war ended has been marked as year one, thus signalling that the war was the beginning of the new calendar. The war was fought by two sides, the armies of the Primordials and the armies of the gods.

The armies of the Primordials consisted mostly of elementals and slaves, easily outnumbering the forces of the gods by thousands. The armies of the gods consisted of free people and liberated slaves. The war would have been lost if not for Naroth Salazar, the man who would later become the first king of the civilised races. At this point in history how ever Naroth was but a petty officer in the armies of the Primordials. He served under the high general of the Primodial forces General Valkoth.

As General Valkoth amassed his armies to march upon Shac’Zhathas, a member of the resistance came to Naroth. The man told Naroth about what was happening to world and what it would mean if the Primordials were victorious. Naroth, who never really believed in the dogma of the Primordials, listened to the man and he decided that he would end the war once and for all.

Thus on the eve of battle Naroth confronted General Valkoth and challenged him to a duel. Valkoth was so confident in his skills that he foolishly took the challenge. The duel started out just as Valkoth had suspected it would, with him quickly gaining the advantage, but when all seemed lost to Naroth, he prayed to the gods and they answered his prayers setting his sword ablaze with holy fire and guiding his hand to victory. With their general dead before them, many of the mortal soldiers of the Primordials fled far away from the battle, leaving only a handful of monsters to be defeated.

Naroth lead the armies of the gods against the remnants of the forces of the primordials all the while the gods fought the Primordials themselves up high. The war was ultimately won by the armies of the gods thanks to the aid of Naroth.

The Primordial Wars

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